Döpke-Suction dredger and cutter dredger / for sand- and gravel winning resp. waters cleaning

Suction dredger

have been built for more than 50 years now. 


These many years of experience in production and functioning of our dregder - there have been delivered more than 400 systems worldwide - guarantee a perfect conception, also regarding the dredge pump.

The dredger have a high performance, are economically and in durable structural steelwork executed.

Special advantages are

1. The hull is built in a compact, sektional design and needs only one day to be installed including the line-up.

2. Strong high-delivery pumps with best efficiency and high service lives of the wearing parts are used.

3. For larger reduction depths submergible pumps are used with success.

4. Cutter head-, pinion-shaped cutter-, milling wheel-, scratching chain or jet appliance for difficult soil conditions 

    and gravel discovery.

5. All solution mechanisms can problem-free be re-tooled

6. Automatic coarse grain separation

7. Automation:

   - Man-loose dredging by full automation
   - Remote control of the dredge functions and remote supervision by camera
   - Continuous and optimal excavator performance by automatic suction pipe

8. Short delivery time and service at any time


Dredge pump

Dredge pump


The dredge pump can be executed either as a single casing or as a double casing pump. In the course of the past years the capacity of the pump in regard of wear resitance (longer service life) and optimization of their hydraulic shaping (for raising

the pumping capacity) has been increased considerably.

The pump shaft and the bearings are oversized and so are correspondingly robust 

and durable for heavy duty working conditiones.


With a few movements the shaft bearing, executed as a bearing cartdrige, is 

mounted on the sturdy thrust block.


Axial adjustment of the impeller permits compensating for wear at the impeller's suction mound. Depending on load conditions, shaft sealing proceeds by way 

of a gland or with a special shaft seal assembly.



Submergible pump

Submergible pump

At increasing working depths, solid matter concentrations become lower and, with it, the yield of solids. Application of our submergible pump increases solids concentrations by more than 20 % and permits working in depths over 50 m.

Jet appliance

Jet appliance

Firmly lodged and clay-interspersed bottom material layers are loosened with pressurized water through several spray nozzles arranged at the suction mouth. Depending on the type of material, this method permits increasing the solid capacity by 25-50 per cent.

Cutter wheel

Cutter wheel

For gravel pits with strong and loam-interspersed material layers. The cutter wheel particularly worked in the gravel discovery. Exploitation degree up to 97%!

Cutter head

Cutter head

For canal-, river-, port- dredging, for inland or coastal waters, for particularly strongly solidified soil and loam layers.

Conveying chain

Cutter head

Improvements when use the Conveying chain:

   - continuous pumping performance

   - no downtimes for the elimination of stones

   - low energy requirement of the chain of only 11 Kw

If you are interested, please ask for detailed informations referring to this.