Description of suction dredger

  1. Discharge pipe
  2. Control cabin
  3. Suction head with jet-system
  4. Cutter wheel
  5. Cutter head
  6. Conveyor chain 
  7. Suction pipe winch
  8. Derrick for the suction pipe 
  9. Front floaters for suction pipe guidance

10. Suction pipe

Capacity and type scheme

Production program

Suction dredger: for gravel and sandpits

Suction dredger with cutter head,
cutter wheel, jet appliance,
conveyor chain:                         for gravel pits with hard layers of earth interspersed with clay or for gravel recovery
Cutter dredger: for canal, river and port dredging, for inland or coastal waters
Sand and gravel pumps
Intermediate pump stations: in order to attain greater discharging distances or discharging heights
                                                      (stationary and floatin


Swimming jet-stations: for mobile jet-device


Equipment for conveyor pipeline and spoil area



Description of excavation area

If you are interested, please ask for detailed informations referring to this.