Automatic dough divider machines

TAA with straight band
TAA with straight band


-        with straight band

-        with inclined band

-        with tilting device

-        with flouring / sprinkling device


The automatic dough divider machine TAA is a portioning device for continuous bread ropes and different kinds of pasty substances. Coupled to a squeezing device, for example the squeezing of a mixing and kneading machine SKM or the rope squeezing machine SAM, bread ropes of various shape, size and length are portioned easily.


The dough piece gets its shape by an individual removable mouthpiece that is located within the cutting machine. The length of each dough strand can be varied easily. The length can be set by moving an optical switch at the conveyor belt. A knife at the ending of the mouthpiece of the mixing and kneading machine cuts the endless dough strand automatically into individual portions to the desired length.


For further processing, the dough pieces are transported on a conveyor belt that is optionally offered in different variations.


The dough piece is either removed manually by the operator or it is deposited into bread baskets by a tilting device.

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In addition, the automatic dough divider machine can be completed with a flouring or sprinkling device.


Variations for automatic dough divider machines

TAA with straight band
TAA with tilting device



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